Decision Tree Matrix

Breaking down complexity one step at a time

Pikbox – a powerful and easy to use decision tree

Getting to the root of complex problems and making the right decisions that guide you to the best outcome can be challenging. But we’re here to make it easier. Pikbox uses a decision tree matrix technique to help you direct your customers through difficult subjects or technical projects with multiple possibilities, offering a simple, step-by-step process that reduces the need for specialist knowledge while speeding up decision making.
Make even the trickiest subject easy to navigate, improve customer service and attract more business, all with Pikbox.

Why use PikBox

Selling a product or service

Help your potential customers choose a product or service perfectly tailored to their needs in next to no time.

Selling a product with a multitude of options is now a whole lot easier with Pikbox. By making the process visual, fun and precise for everyone, your customer will enjoy clarity and control throughout the process. They'll have the added benefit of being able to see how the final product will look for every choice that is made along with updated pricing as decisions are made.

Troubleshooting a problem?

Electronic items, personal devices, vehicles, networks? Pikbox can help your customers to identify issues and explain how to resolve them quickly and effectively.

The power of Pikbox is in its ability to take complex information and simplify it through a series of quick and easy questions. By utilising the decision tree matrix format, users are guided through potentially difficult or technical information step by step until they have resolved the problem they were facing, reducing pressure on help desks and customer service teams while improving user satisfaction.

Directing a customer

Ensure consistent, accurate customer service, even in complex situations, with custom decision trees for your product or service.

Customer queries will be resolved quickly and thoroughly with simple, visual guidance from Pikbox. Customer service teams will be empowered to offer a comprehensive service with step-by-step guides that adapt according to caller responses. Queries will be handled more quickly, performance will be more consistent, and customers and staff will be more satisfied with outcomes, all thanks to Pikbox.


Whilst we are still in Alpha testing, PikBox is free of charge 🙂 We will be working on a customer-by-customer basis until we iron out some of the pesky bugs. Please tell us a little about how the system can help you and we will get in touch with further information and a sign-up link.


Upcoming Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the technology behind Pikbox and how it can help to transform your business

Pikbox is a unique decision tree matrix technology that can take complex information that has multiple possible outcomes and transform it into a step-by-step process that helps your customers and potential customers to reach decisions and solve problems. It can be used throughout a business to encourage purchasing decisions, improve troubleshooting procedures and enhance customer service offerings.
A decision tree matrix shows the various outcomes from a series of decisions, helping users to reach a decision quickly and easily. Pikbox utilises simple questions and visual tools to guide users through questions specific to your business, product or service.
Absolutely! By adapting complex information into simple questions, it is possible to increase understanding and share content that otherwise could be offputting. All of this will help your customers to more closely identify their needs and how you can meet them.
As we're currently in Alpha testing, we're offering Pikbox free to users while we make sure we've ironed out any bugs or issues. We'll work closely with you during this time to make sure you get the most from the system and to help you see the clear business benefits of Pikbox. Once testing is complete we'll offer flexible pricing plans based on factors such as how many decision trees you need, how you’re going to use them and the integrations you need.
The Pikbox team will be on hand – to both new and long-term users – whenever you need us. We have an experienced team that can answer all your technical, content, design and financial questions, making you sure you have a comprehensive, rounded strategy that will help you get the most out of your decision trees. All the ways to get in touch are on our Contact Us page or use our live chat feature.

 Onboarding services

Benefit from our experienced team and extensive knowledge

Take advantage of our full onboarding service that includes:

  • Dedicated account management, we work with you to figure out the best way to achieve you goals.
  • Handpicked graphic designers who can create the options layers for you or provide advice whenever needed.
  • Content writers to facilitate the overall strategy.
  • Technical support every step of the way.